Amazing Clock

Amazing Clock 7.1

Amazing Clock offers a set of useful tools for your desktop

Amazing Clock is a great application that allows you to place a clock anywhere on your desktop and comes with other tools like wallpapers and scheduler. The application sits in your system tray and allows you to control the basics from there. For more advanced options you can click on the Settings tab. The application can be run in high quality (all program accelerations are enabled) or in economic mode (which disables all program accelerations), but the first one is recommended. The program includes five skins for your clock including a 007 clock, euro coin, orange, among others. They are original, but not really attractive, from my point of view. It also allows you to customize the time zone and other additional settings like the position on the screen, size, transparency, and zoom. The program also includes five different wallpapers that are related to the clocks with themes like 007, Greece, fruits, etc. Regarding the scheduler, you can set the program to execute any of the following tasks: show a message, change theme, play sound, run a program or document, announce the time, among others.
In short, Amazing clock offers a set of useful tools for your desktop that definitely deserves a try.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Comes with wallpapers and a scheduler
  • Fully customizable
  • Easy to use and intuitive


  • Themes are original but not really attractive
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